On the use or Artificial Intelligence or AI with regard to BCC club clinics and competitions

A few notes governing the use of Artificial Intelligence (or AI) with regard to submitting images/photographs to a Brant Camera Club (BCC) clinic or competition:

1) A photographic image for the purpose of a Brant Camera Club (BCC) clinic or competition is defined as “an image purposefully captured via a light sensitive device (digital camera, mirrorless camera, film camera, smartphone etc) and recorded to paper, film or digital file by a maker/photographer.

2) an Artificial Intelligence (AI) created image is NOT considered a photographic image based on the image being produced (in whole or in part) by an AI system and that the image does not incorporate any content captured by the maker/photographer. Any wholly or partially created AI image will not be deemed an acceptable submission to any BCC clinic or competition.

3) text prompt programs (online programs such as chatGPT, DALL-E 2, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly etc) are not to be used in the creation and production of any submitted image (in whole or in part) to a BCC club clinic or competition.

4) the use of AI features inherent in some image post processing software/applications must be used as intended (and not to enhance the maker/photographer image with content that was not previously available in the original image. Examples of these programs include but are not limited to Adobe CC’s Generative Fill AI, Luminar Neo’s AI Sky and Augmented Sky. These programs allow for the introduction of “new content” into an existing image/photo that never existed prior.

5) Programs that use AI as a means of post process refinement/editing of an  image (Examples could include Topaz Labs Sharpen AI and Denoise AI, and DxO Pureraw etc ) are acceptable during post processing as they do not “add” content and only refine current content as provided by the original maker/photographer.