Clinic #1- Oct 18th Deadline – Image Guidance

Hi All,  I am encouraging all new members, and previous members to take part in the Brant Camera Club clinics and competitions. 
Your pictures make us a better club 🙂 

Below is a quick recap of the Clinic #1 categories and a category description to assist anyone who might have questions: 

Clinic #1 – Photo Categories – Entries due October 18th 2022 – Choose 2 categories + Digital Fine Art(optional) for max of 3 entries.

1) Open ** Any image, from any category that is not explicitly named in the current Clinic  – in which it is being entered.
(Example: you cannot submit a Landscape image in the Open category, if there is already a Landscape category named in that clinic)

2) Wild-life ** An image that captures living animals – can include mammals, birds, fishes that are not domesticated

3) Fall(Autumn) ** An image depicting your vision of Autumn or the Fall season (this could be food, outdoor, change of season etc.)

4) It’s a Bugs life ** An image of your favourite 6 or 8 legged beastie – close up and personal(macro) or any other way you see fit to capture it. 

5) Digital fine art ** An image with wow factor and impact that can(but does not necessarily have to be) manipulated via digital processes, added filters, HDR, focus stacked or background enhanced etc.