Here’s our 2022-23 program

We’re excited about the program for our season beginning Sept. 6, 2022.

What a season it’s going to be: plenty of great speakers, lots of hands-on experiences, more weekend activities.

And best of all, the next season is going to be primarily in-person, so there will be lots of opportunities to catch up with your photography friends.

It’s easy to register and pay your fees online. Click here to go to our sign-up page.

0 thoughts on “Here’s our 2022-23 program

  1. John.

    I have tried everything to get on to the club Web site. I went on as I usually do and like you showed me at the meeting. I get to where the clinics are listed and the site then collapses back to 2021. I have tried it on two computers and get the result on both.

    Can I send you or the club my submission and have you enter it. I have one entry for VB in the Still Life category. Ross de St Croix at Thanks. Ross

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